Thank you for becoming a supporter of the Atlantic Posse

Please email us the best time of the day to contact you in person and make a formal presentation.

    Marina Slips

    Here are the benefits for your marinA

    – No operational headaches as we do not arrive in a big bunch – we are more of a trickle and grow organically.
    聽We respect your operations hours and policies 鈥 there are no surprises !
    – If your property is at 100% capacity聽 you are not obligated to accommodate our participants or make room.
    – Reservations and transactions are between you and the vessel directly
    – Full transparency – you can verify our participants by looking at our active roster
    – No circumvention 鈥 if you have a contract in place with a vessel and they wish to join the posse they can
    not get a discount
    – Off season growth 鈥 things always happen so some yachts may stay in your marina for the low season