Let’s address the dangers of mooring balls

Danger Broken Morring Balls Danger Broken Morring Balls
There are several types of moorings but as you can see their maintenance status can vary.

1) Government Agency mandated聽 moorings
these can be maintained by the government agency – state or municipality – or outsourced to a vendor so in countries where moorings are a mandate to use in a particular anchorage due to conservation or environment or safety concerns you may be forced to use them- the question is what happens if it breaks ?
Ideally cities and port districts also have established mooring maintenance requirements. The schedule to lift, inspect and (possibly) repair moorings vary from harbor to harbor, with many requiring renewal annually or every other year.

Moorng Diagram
Mooring System Diagram –聽 many points of failure – starting with what materials are used – here is one in the BVI’s

mooring in st thomas2) Private moorings or mooring fields
run maintained or operated by a marina or commercial entity –
Most likely they are not the same and the breaking strength will vary based on thickness weight and overall maintenance – the question is what happens if it breaks ? Who pays / what it is warranted for and since you are paying who actually warrants it ?


Bad Mooring3) Individual locals moorings – 聽 small dive shop operators – fisherman – local guys who are not necessarily ensured –聽 endorsed by the government agency to have them and are selling them to you anyhow – the question is what happens if it breaks ?


Material聽 Fatigue

Materieal Fatigue


4) or bring your own mooring
think YOUR ANCHOR – you set it you know it you add scope you sleep well